Cross Island understands that the foundation of any successful real estate or construction project relies on its financial structure.

We take a custom financial approach with every project tailoring equity and debt to adjust for specific project and investor needs. Cross Island partners with large financial institutions, private investors, as well as small and local banks to set up and create project specific financing.

Cross Island determines the most advantageous project specific financial strategy and uses tools to fund complex projects to control and manage the risks that are inherent in any real estate or construction venture. Approaches include traditional bank financing, bond issuance, tax credits, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts, Enhanced Use Leases, Public/Private Partnerships (P3), and the assembly of multiple underwriters.

Cross Island’s leadership recognized “opportunistic investments” opportunities that were born out of their industry connections. These opportunities usually centered around investments not readily available in the general marketplace due to their small project size, immediate requirement for funding, and the intrinsic nature of the projects. If these opportunities were bigger, they would be funded by Wall Street.

Most of these opportunities are too small for that, but provide an excellent return because they also create a huge advantage for investors to disconnect cost and price and create returns that are greater and are not inversely proportionate to the amount of risk taken.

We term these investments “opportunistic investments” and not only do they provide benefits to the investors, but they also provide the other project stakeholders with consistent and reliable benefits and financial strength. This in turn creates strong teams and successful projects.

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