Location: St. John, US Virgin Islands
Scale: $40 Million

Located on the East End of St John, the East Bay Club is an island paradise within an island. This gated community is completely private. The East Bay Club includes 27 private estate lots and 28 club residences

The East Bay Club units are built completely with a state of the art Magnesium Concrete. This includes the walls roof and floor. This material and design provides for a hurricane rating that surpassed the most stringent Miami Dade County rating. It is also designed with an incredible efficiency rating allowing for very efficient energy consumption and dramatic operational savings. The windows are hurricance rated but we have added an additional belt to these suspenders by providing movable and functional architectural storm shutters which also provide additional security while no one is at the property. Each home boast a private pool, Aluminum aircraft cable rails to maximize the views.

The center of the club and the vibrancy of the community is prominently positioned at the foot of East Bay. East Bay Club properties comprises of the majority of the private coastline land along the east end of St John, making it one of the largest and least dense waterfront communities in St John.




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